John Cena, days of Royal Rumble and weeks of Wrestlemania, seems to have no plans to return to WWE for major events. Meanwhile, ‘Marine’ is dedicated to developing his acting career.

The fighter attended the well-known program The Late Late Show by James Corden. The fighter, who will be in the next sequel to Fast and Furious, was accompanied by actress January Jones.

John Cena confessed admiration for the Korean band BTS
Image Credit to WWE

During the conversation, John Cena surprised everyone presents for confessing his admiration for the BTS band, a renowned Korean youth group that is too successful in the K-Pop genre.

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The revelation of the former WWE champion came after January Jones admitted that in 2017 a photograph was taken with the Asians without knowing them. The image was uploaded to Instagram by the actress and the followers replied that she was “a lucky one”.

"You are very lucky to be in that picture," John Cena responded to the other guest on the show. Next, the multiple monarchs of wrestling entertainment highlighted all the virtues of BTS.

The message they send to their fans is about loving yourself, taking care of yourself and gaining confidence even if you are different. They are not just choreography, entertainment or performance. They are sending a good message, ”said Cena

Users of social networks and also fans of Korean musicians reacted by the confession of the 42-year-old fighter. "Protect our kids," wrote a BTS fan on Twitter.

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