The year 2020 is already looking like a stacked year for the WWE there's a few storylines and surprises in store that could make for quite the interesting year so let's get into it.

WWE Huge Storylines & Rumored For 2020
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2020 Main Roster Debut

That to happen in 2020 is some major debuts one of the most notable debuts set to happen in 2020 is Shayna Baszler Shayna has spent the past few years dominating the NXT woman's division she accomplished everything that she could on that brand so it's reported that the WWE has huge plans for her on the main roster one of these major plans being to take on Becky Lynch at WrestleMania also rumored to happen this year are some major returns Ronda Rousey is currently on top of the list of major returns that are still pending and up in the air Ronda is signed with the WWE throughout the spring of 2021 & Triple H and Stephanie have both confirmed that Ronda will be coming back when the timing and the story is right another superstar who could return in 2020 is Goldberg Paul Heyman is a huge supporter of Goldberg and has shown heavy interest in bringing him back once or twice a year as a special attraction so a Goldberg match isn't out of the question for 2020 as well.

WWE New Championships

The New makeover designs for multiple WWE Championships the WWE already revealed multiple new changes to close out 2019 the end of 2019 saw the introduction of two new Universal Championship designs we saw the Universal Championship go from an Allred strap to an all blue strap the WWE also introduced a variant to the universal title which is, of course, the fiends custom title with his mask in the middle and the words Let Me In across the straps it's no doubt one of the most insane looking titles in WWE history the WWE also introduced a new Intercontinental title but it doesn't look like they're stopping their new Tag Team titles for the men are reportedly in the work these Tag Team titles were first introduced in 2010 so they're definitely overdue for a makeover other reports claim that the WWE already has a new United States title ready to go as well the US Title has had the same overall design since its debut in 2003 so a new look for the title is reportedly already done.

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Bray Wyatt First Loss

Believe It or Not, the WWE is starting to hint at weaknesses for the fiend which very well could lead to the end of his undefeated run the superstar rumored to put an end to the fiend is Roman reigns with Bray Wyatt already walking through all of the top tier superstars in the WWE the last spin left and the one who's extremely highly capable of taking him out is Roman reigns some believe the fiend will fall to Roman reigns rather it be at WrestleMania or another pay-per-view later on in the year so how exactly will Roman reigns defeat the fiend and expose him will he unmask him or just defeat him straight up that's gonna be another interesting storyline in 2020

Liv Morgan & Lana

Lana and Liv Morgan's storyline apparently this story is being planned out way in advance so there it might be a long-term story that will play out throughout the year but just how far will Liv Morgan and Lana go we'll live Morgan continued to chase after Lana until Lana's forced to get a restraining order against her as well and will that lead to something as crazy as Liv Morgan being arrested for harassing Lana Luna has already started to call Liv a stalker so who's to know what Liv's character might go through Valona and Liv Morgan relationship has turned out to be believable as a story because the both of them were always together in 2017 outside of the ring and now that footage is being used as background proof for the story such as one snapchat clip from 2017 where Lana literally says to the camera I'm obsessed with Liv isn't she so pretty so that line alone that comes from snapchat and some substance to the current story.

Eric Rowan's Cage

WWE is investing a lot of time into is Eric Rowan and his cage as of right now Rowan and Mojo Roly are the only ones that know what's inside the cage but just telling from mojos reaction to what he saw it's safe to assume that something really shocking will be revealed inside of the cage all we know about the cage is that Rowan seems to talk to it as if it was alive and we also know that it preys this red mist so watch out for that reveal and pay off later on this year.

The Beast Brock Lesnar Story

Brock Lesner entering himself in the Royal Rumble may make no sense right now but that number to entrant may play a big role in his for the majority of 2020 so watch out for Brock's story to advance after Royal Rumble.

Mandy Rose & Otis

Another storyline to keep an eye on in 2020 is Otis and Mandy the story first started off with Otis having a heavy crush on Mandy but she didn't share the same feelings but ever since Christmastime Mandy has started to act differently and been more warm towards Otis Dolph Ziggler has also tried to interfere in this story so who knows words really going will it be a baby-faced turn from Andy rose or will she turn on Otis and leave him high and dry later on to even get herself, even more, he'll heat.

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